Jewel with an edge”



For Publicity:

From a small suburban town in the foothills of Connecticut was a hard-working family and home where music from all genres were being played. In a little bedroom with a made-up Microphone  is where AJ Jansen started her journey singing in front of a mirror and dreaming of the day she would play for thousands of people in the most prestige’s stages in the Country. Honing her skills immersing herself in music and songwriting is the Country Artist she is today. 

AJ was exposed to European folk, American Country and Rock. Carving her way with no knowledge of the music business she met people in  CT,  NY and  Nashville who  by chance meeting became AJ's mentors that believed in her talents and skills.  Ron Zabrocki,  Producer,   Chris Neal -Editor Country Music Magazine,  Billy Block Radio  Host,  Johnny Counterfeit  Comedian and performer, they  mentored AJ  for years guiding and encouraging  AJ to never stop. Losing such mentors, left AJ feeling alone and lost. She put those feelings into songs and  has she felt their encouragement to never stop, just keep going. 

Fast forward to today she has become an Artist in her own right, winning Awards, Opening for National Acts, such as Dierks Bentley, Phil Vasser,  James Otto,  Radio play, TV and Video appearances on  such as,  Nashville's Country Fix on a Local and National Level, playing on some of those stages she dreamed of up and down the East Coast and continues to climb in an industry crowded and absorbed with a lot of noise. She is making her own noise with  her own material,  coined attitude,  Soulful Country .  AJ loves to connect with people at her shows.  TG Sheppard gave  AJ some great advice “Don’t let anyone tell you , you can’t do this “  She thanks God for her family ,  the mentors she had met along the way and the gift of music.  AJ believes , you work hard, help each other and live life to the fullest , you won’t believe what happens.  Basically Shine